Phantom Rage : Premiere Event Kit


Expected Release : 31st October 2020

Limited to 2 per player. Any over this, will be refunded.

Phantom Rage doesn't just remaster popular themes from the past, it unites them as well. You can find new Phantom Knight and Raidraptor cards, but you can also find new cards that are Phantom Knights AND Raidraptors! You can play these cards in their own Decks, but you can also create your own hybrid Deck that takes the best of each theme to max out your Xyz Summoning power.

You can also find a new theme based on Fusion Summoning that excels at performing consecutive Fusion Summons. Normally, to Fusion Summon you need to use a Spell Card for each Fusion Summon you perform along with multiple separate cards to use as materials, but this brand-new theme is anchored by a powerful Spell Card that Summons up to 5 Tokens you can use for Fusion Summoning…and then lets you Fusion Summon twice consecutively!

Includes new members and/or support for :

  • "Raidraptor"
  • "The Phantom Knights"
  • "Phantom Knights"
  • "Xyz Dragon"
  • "Xyz"
  • "Rank-Up-Magic"
  • "U.A."
  • "F.A."
  • "Nephthys"
  • "Prank-Kids"
  • "Penguin"
  • "Phantasm"
  • "Dark World"
  • "Arcana Force"
  • "Dogmatika"
  • "Infernity"
  • "Melffy"
  • "Archfiend"
  • "Noble Knight"
  • "Fur Hire"
  • "Possessed"
  • "Rebellion"
  • "Souten"
  • "Tri-Brigade"
  • "Datascape Gate"
  • "Datascape"
  • "Spiritual Wind Art"
  • "Spiritual Water Art"


6 Phantom Rage booster packs

1 Promotional Field Centre


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