Vulcania RPG

A Steam-Punk RPG!

Vulcania is a tabletop roleplaying game full of action, conspiracies and investigation, set in the smoky atmospheres of the industrial revolution of a Fantasy - Steampunk world. In Vulcania you can play as an adventurer, a soldier, a scientist or a scoundrel struggling to find their place in the world, chasing fame, power, money... or justice. Take part in sinister plots, explore dark places lost to war and live breathtaking action in wild lands and chaotic metropolis. Unleash your hero’s powers and prove your worth on the battlefields, using your knowledge to reveal lost secrets. Hone your skills to create fantastic objects! All this and more await you on Vulcania!!!

Vulcania is an all-in-one rulebook containing rules needed to play, both for players and Narrators. No need to buy dozens of books to jump into the mayhem! 

Game Mechanics

Abilities in Vulcania work differently to most other RPGs. They are divided into four “scopes”, each with four derived abilities. Each scope provides both a baseline and a cap for each specific ability. For example, the scope of “Vigour” represents how good is the character is at physical activites and provides a baseline for its derived skills. 

When performing actions a player adds their Skill and Scope together (so for example Athletics is under the Vigour scope, so you would add Athletics to vigour) then add any bonuses. 

Next roll a D12 and add the result to the score and compare to a difficulty (target number)

Rolls are almost always made by the player, so combat requires a player to roll to hit an NPC and when an NPC attacks, players are required to make a roll to dodge.

Poor rolls can be mitigated by the "Gears of Fate"

If a player rolls an 11 or a 12 (before modifiers), the check obtains an opportunity. The player can then propose how they want to use their opportunity and the Narrator can accept their proposal or reject it. (basically a chance to influence the outcome of the action)

If a player rolls a 1, they get an accident. This is basically the same as an opportunity but in the opposite direction. 

Each player starts each game session with three Gears of Fate tokens. They can use them to transform any success into an opportunity, remove an unfavourable condition ( situational disadvantages etc) or even re-roll a dice. 

When a gear is spent, it goes to the Narrator who can, in turn, use them for their own ends, for example granting an NPC an opportunity or generally making the life of the party more challenging. 

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