Dungeons & Dragons : Icewind Dale Limited Cover

An Adventure Book with a Difference

This adventure book deals with a lot more horror and mystery than other campaigns. One of its interesting differences is that when you start the adventure, the members of the party will be dealt out secrets about themselves that not even the DM gets to know. During the game these secrets will be revealed (either quietly or boastfully). 

The D&D adventure itself expands upon a specific region of the Forgotten Realms where few people dare to tread, and from where even fewer return. Not to mention all the creatures you're going to encounter that are found nowhere else in the world either by climate, by curse, or just due to the secluded nature of the area where they have chosen live in relative peace.

The book provides D&D players from levels 1-12 with a wide scope of places to explore, some thrilling adventures and mysteries to solve. It also adds some new mechanics to help DM's with weather and extreme environment in scenarios so they can bombard players with everything from a light snowfall to mighty blizzards.


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