Paint with me: Talisman Kingdom Hearts

Hi all! Becca here and I am a card gamer more then any thing else, which basically means I am someone who has never painted a miniature in my life. Only recently have I picked games that contains miniatures and thought "these would be amazing painted up!" This all started with Stuffed Fables in which the concept of being toys protecting their child just sparked so much interest in my mind. I wanted to paint the adorable little minis that came with the game before playing it.. which I have yet to do so... this Stuffed Fables is another game on my ever growing pile of games that needs playing.

Which brings us to this little game, Talisman: Kingdom Hearts. Now I am a huge Disney fan and huge gamer when it comes to Video Games, which is often why I am drawn in to any board games that gets released that's from a video game IP, I'm looking at you Fallout! So when it got announced that Talisman would be releasing a Kingdom Hearts theme version I was on board! But then what happened with Stuffed Fabled happened again with Talisman, I wanted to paint before I play. And being a painting newbie I was terrified that the outcome would be terrible. But in the end I sucked it up and committed to painting Talisman: Kingdom Hearts.